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Welcome To The ColdBox Wiki

The ColdFusion (CMFL) Enterprise Conventions Based Framework

General Platform Information


Training & Events

Online Training

Below are our available online training courses, which are also available for iOS devices:

PDF Ref Cards

Use these quick start reference cards to get up and running on our tools

Video Docs

Did you know we have now over 25 hours worth of video screen casts? Check out our media channels:

What's New ?

A collection of all the what's new documents for each release.

Compatibility Guides

These guides are to help developers migrate to new versions of the framework.

Installing & Getting Ready For Development

This section contains the necessary information to install, upgrade, maintain and get ready to start developing in ColdBox.

ColdBox LITE

ColdBox LITE is the MVC only portions of the ColdBox Platform.

The Basics

This section gives you an introductory or getting started feel to ColdBox Development!


This section gives you the insight needed to use configuration settings and logging in your ColdBox Applications.


This section delves into the model layer of MVC, ORM integration, dependency injection and much more.


Discover ColdBox layout and view rendering


Learn how to build and leverage ColdBox events.

Request Context

Discover the main class for transporting and dealing with requests.

Extending ColdBox

Learn how to extend ColdBox

Rest APIs

Down The Rabbit Hole

Deeper we go down the rabbit hole with cool advanced topics.

Testing ColdBox Applications

Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and so much more.

Core Plugins

Visit our Core Plugins Page Browser


This documentation section touches on the theory of MVC, ColdBox application architecture, and an introductory overview to the ColdBox Platform.

Standalone Frameworks & Libraries

The ColdBox Platform is composed of several standalone internal frameworks and libraries that can be used on any ColdFusion framework or application. Below are the documents for each standalone library:

Standalone Projects

The ColdBox standalone projects are a suite of projects, plugins, interceptors, modules, etc that are not part of the core platform but are available as separate downloads from ForgeBox. You can find these and tons of other projects at ForgeBox, our community repository. We are trying to document all official released entries.

ColdBox Recipes

A collection of useful recipes, you can also check out our Recipes Viewer

  1. Using Helper UDF's and CFC's
  2. My First Event Handler
  3. My First Custom Exception Handler
  4. My First Custom Plugin
  5. My First Interceptor
  6. My First Context Decorator
  7. How to time your code
  8. Object factory custom plugin
  9. Loading a custom ColdBox configuration file
  10. Tracing messages to the debug panel
  11. Creating a messagebox css
  12. Creating a Custom exception template
  13. Caching objects
  14. Creating a 404 template via onInvalidEvent
  15. Is there an easy, programmatic way to remove a specific element from the view cache
  16. Building a simple Basic HTTP Authentication Interceptor

Runnable Code Examples

These are a collection of interactive Box sample apps you can run right inside your browser on Feel free to edit these live applications and experiment. Each user gets their own sandbox to play in.

ForgeBox REST API Documentation

ForgeBox is an online repository of anything ColdBox or CodexWiki. Below is the documentation for its RESTful API.

Other Resources

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